The Chesapeake Bay Bridge at Night
July, 1953

Available in our Eastport Gallery 

"When the Bay Bridge opened in 1952 I immediately realized the potential for a dramatic portrait at night. It took several tries to get it right because I knew exactly where I wanted the moon and that placement only occurs in summer. The picture was made from on top of the old Sandy Point ferry terminal—about 60 feet above ground. There was so little traffic then that I had to wait for a car to come onto the bridge, and I knew it took four minutes to get across, so that’s how I timed the exposure. To prevent the streak of light from being too bright in the foreground, I reached around the camera and slowly stopped the diaphragm down to f32 as the car rounded the curve. I’m still amazed that it worked.”

– Marion E. Warren





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The Eastport Gallery
M. E. Warren Photography


419 Fourth Street  • Annapolis, Maryland  21403 • (410) 268-2898


The Official Home
of The Marion E. Warren Photography Collections


M. E. Warren Photography, LLC is the sole copyright holder of The Marion E. Warren Photography Collections, dedicated to their integrity, care and promotion.


We have the largest selection of remaining original silver gelatin photographs available today, as well as the ability to print archival museum-quality photographs from all of Marion E. Warren’s negatives and slides.


As Marion E. Warren would say, “Enjoy.”

The Eastport Gallery

The Official Home of The Marion Warren Photography Collections


We are pleased to keep The Marion E. Warren Collections alive by offering his photographs to you in two versions – original silver gelatin photographs printed by the photographer himself in his traditional darkroom as well as archival digital photographs printed from his original negatives and slides.

Our commitment is to quality. All photographs are matted using archival materials and framed with conservation glass. A/R (anti-reflective or non-glare) and museum glass are available at an additional cost.

Marion E. Warren spent the last four years of his life working toward the goal of “keeping my pictures alive when I’m gone.” He continued to print his photographs in his darkroom well into his eighties, while also embracing the new digital printing processes. During his sixty-year career as a photographer and master printer, he had experienced many advances in the ever-changing world of photography. He lived to see the digital transition and welcomed it for the beauty of the end result – exquisitely printed photographs of his timeless images.

We accept VISA, MC & AMEX



The Marion E. Warren Photography Collections include the Chesapeake Bay, historic Annapolis, every county in Maryland, Baltimore, early images from before and during World War II, and his little known color work.



The Eiffel Tower, Thanksgiving morning, 1946 Snowstorm on Church Circle, Annapolis
Steaming Crabs The Anna Florence at the City Dock, Annapolis Church on the Eastern Shore of Maryland